Viscus (viscuslunasol) wrote,

I'm not dead! YAY! ohai,lolistuff.

Creepy Namine icon is looking at you.

Anyways, I feel like I should post in my journal, seeing as I haven't in forever.
I usually only get half an hour on the computer ( iknowwut), so I don't have ANY time to post on LJ.
But I will have that problem remedied soon. *cough*laptop*cough*
By the time this month is over I will be on daily WHENEVER I WANT YAY!
So I will have much fun adventures in the LJ community.

I have two dresses on the way to me.
One is black and pink and not very detailed, but hey, it's KOOT.
The other is pink and white and has bows, lace, etc.
Srsly, if I had a spot of dirt on it, you wouldn't notice because it is THAT detailed.
I love them both!

Here is my lolita conquest(lolz, I love dis shit):

Black Rocking Horses (NEXTNEXTNEXT)<-- I lied, lol
White Petticoat and Black Petticoat (sametimelol)
Headdresses (commisions from mom, lol)
White Chii pumps (halp plz?)
Chii Cosplay dress (Wat, cosplay? YESSHUTUP)
Long sleeved dress (any color)
White shoes (pref. rocking horses)
Jewelery of any kind
Moar dresses! BECAUSE MOAR!!!

Hopefully I will succeed. Who knows? Stick around!


Tags: conquest of awesome, loli, me, not being dead, score, yay?
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